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How to install Avouch Linux

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 The Avouch edition continues to focus on delivering the secure, reliable and latest in open source desktop tools.

Step 1 — Download

If yet not downloaded the latest Avouch Linux distribution release iso file, then go to the downloads section and download any of your choice which better meets your requirements. 

Step 2 — Burn DVD / Make USB Bootable

  • The downloaded iso file can either be written to a DVD or by writing to a USB drive and making USB bootable.
  • The instruction for burning the ISO to a DVD drive can be found here.
  • The instruction for making a bootable USB can be found here.

Step 3 — Booting system

Boot the computer either from DVD drive or by a bootable USB. After booting Desktop environment will appear depending on the downloaded ISO file. Furthermore, Avouch Linux Installer will appear as shown in picture below. Press next to continue the setup.
Step 4 — License agreement
Accept to the term and conditions of the license agreement and press next to continue.

license-agreement.jpg 67.88 KB

Step 5 — Disk selection
In this step all the disk drives available in the system will be displayed. Select the disk on which the Avouch Linux required to be installed. After disk selection press next to continue.
To repartitions or edit partitions press "Edit partitions" button. Gparted will be started. Make change as required and select the disk.

disk-selection.jpg 53.46 KB

Step 6 — Partition selection

At this window all the partitions of the selected disk will be displayed. To select the partition, check the third radio button "Show me the partitions", partitions will be displayed. Select the partition on which Avouch Linux required to be installed. Press next to continue. After pressing nest the confirmation dialog box will appear. Verify the the information and press yes to continue the installation. "Note : At the moment first to radio button are not in operation".

partition-selection.jpg 68.22 KB
At the moment radio first button "Create only one partition" radio button are not in operation".

radio-button-1.jpg 52.96 KB

At the moment radio second button "Create only two partition" radio button are not in operation".

radio-button-2.jpg 53.01 KB

Step 7 — User setup

At this window, provide the user credentials and provide password for user as well as root. After providing user information, press next to continue. Note: root is the default administrator user of Avouch Linux.

user-setup.jpg 54.93 KB

After pressing next button the verify dialog box will appear. Verify the information and press yes to continue. Note: All the data will be erased from the selected partition. Backup data before proceeding.

veryfiy-information.jpg 53.57 KB

Step 8 — Setting up

At this window, setup has been started and take some time. The time to complete the setup can vary from system to system, depending on system performance. Please wait till the setup complete. It take about 5 to 15 minutes, defending on system performance. The next button will remain disable till the time setup completes. When setup completed the "Next" button will be enabled. Press next to continue.

setup.jpg 73.88 KB

Step 9 — Setup complete

When setup completes, press next button to continue.

Ssetup-complete.jpg 71.23 KB

Step 10 — Setup finished

When setup completes, this window will be displayed. At this window user can finish the setup and continue testing the Avouch Linux or press reboot to start the newly installed Avouch Linux.

setup-finished.jpg 46.87 KB

Now you can restart your computer and explore the Avouch Linux

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